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A full service engineering firm with the experience and qualifications necessary for your next relocation project.

Turn-Key Equipment Relocation

Large or complex relocation projects often require skills and experience that go beyond the typical experience of engineering departments. Even when the skills are available, is it the best allocation of resources given the engineering workload of day to day responsibilities. Our engineering and project management resources can work with your facility to understand the needs and goals of the relocation project and apply our experience and expertise to make sure your project is on time and successful.

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Often relocation projects require a variety of contractors to complete the overall relocation project. This can lead to scheduling and project scope issues that can lead to projects that exceed the planned budget and timing. Our turn-key programs provide a single source point of contact, we manage the complete process from beginning to end with regular timeline updates and regularly scheduled status meetings to keep everyone up to date on project details. In areas where the facility and our contractors must interface, special care is given to insure everyone knows the schedule and which group is responsible in order to minimize the impact on daily production operations.

From a technical perspective, often the disconnection, relocation and reconnection activities cause issues with wiring, piping and physical issues with the restart of the equipment. The lack a proper documentation can make it difficult to get the equipment operating properly after the move. Our highly skilled controls engineers and technicians make sure we have a solid understanding of the systems wiring and control before the equipment is removed from production to insure startup takes place with minimal issues. We utilize the very latest in laser measurement equipment to insure everything is properly aligned and level.

Our site supervisors and managers insure daily activities are completed in a safe, on-time, and effective manner.

Typical Project Steps Include:

  • Develop project scope and timeline
  • Establish project budget
  • Permit applications
  • Final planning including interaction with production activities
  • Preparation of new equipment location
  • Documentation of existing systems and equipment
  • Disconnect existing equipment
  • Relocate equipment
  • Repair or upgrade equipment as needed
  • Installation and startup
  • Validation of expected performance
  • Update system documentation as required

Additional Steps Often Required and Provided Include:

  • Updated or expanded plant utilities
  • Plant ventilation systems
  • Facility layout and design
  • Floor pits and pit covers
  • Elevated ceilings
  • Revised fire protection
  • Area lighting
  • Overhead cranes

Press Relocation or Installation - Our Specific Specialty

We offer a full line of press relocation services that can be custom tailored to fit your needs. From complete turn-key relocation to just a project management role, we can make sure your press relocation, installation and startup go smooth. We also offer a full line of related services such as press pit design and construction, press pit cover design to insure the pit cover can withstand the load of molds, dies, as well as handling equipment. Our utility evaluation services help you confirm that your existing utilities can handle the extra load of another press or we can design the utility system for a new manufacturing operation. Because of our experience in relocating presses on a regular basis, we can help keep the project on time and within budget.

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