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Press Repair & Upgrades

A full service engineering firm with the experience and expertise to repair or upgrade your press properly and timely.

Hydraulic Press Repair

We offer a full line of hydraulic press repair. From basic troubleshooting and calibration to major repairs like main ram cylinders and platen guiding systems, we are the very best at getting you back in production. With over 22 years in the business, our engineering and technical staff repair, upgrade and calibrate all types of presses, regardless of age or original manufacturer. We also supply sourcing services for hard to find replacement parts. Having a problem with downtime or are looking to find a replacement press? We also offer a full line of press review and downtime reduction programs.

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Hydraulic and Mechanical Press Upgrades and Reconditioning

Our engineering and technical staff have over 100 years’ experience upgrading and rebuilding all types of hydraulic and mechanical presses. We have upgraded presses as small as 13tons to the largest hydraulic control systems of over 20,000 tons. Our true strength is our skill is the design new systems that often work better that the original press system through the use of modern technology. This coupled with our years of steel and plastic forming and injection experience, allows us to develop processes in an innovative and creative way. We often develop a press control systems that provide a new industry standard and give our clients a competitive edge in their particular industry.

Experience, Diversification and Partnerships

We have a world class supplier base that provides us with experienced resources in almost any situation. We rely on these key resources for assistance in areas of advanced mechanical design, large complex machining, heavy rigging, CMM measurement, laboratory analysis and other specific areas to insure we are providing our clients with the very best information, systems and designs.

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