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About Us

Everything we do is based on solid design principles and logical assessment, design, review and implementation

Our Foundation - Your Success

As we begin our 22nd year, everything we do is based on solid design principles and a logical progression of assessment, design, review and implementation. Every step in our process insures that the final product or service purchased from Plant Engineering is well designed, built and implemented.

Project Management Supervision

All in plant activities are directed and supervised by one of our engineers, site managers or technicians. Our project management system is backed up by strong written and regular communication. We use Microsoft Project™ to establish and track project timing as well as Open Issues List published weekly to track any outstanding issues.

Large Complex Projects

While any given year is made up of a combination of small and large projects, we stand out on large multi-faceted projects that allow us to utilize our complete engineering team.

Your Professional Success

We fully understand that often your professional success and growth are based on the ability of the supplier you select to bring projects in on time and on budget with good communication and follow through. Solving difficult breakdown or quality issues as well as successful equipment modernization and expansion projects help promote you and Plant Engineering at the same time.

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